2011 Tough Mudder Approaches

2011 Tough Mudder Approaches
Jordan at Tough Mudder 2010 (POTW - Large)

As avid hikers, everyone here at Trails of Freedom has endured their share of challenging trails. But ToF Vice President, Jordan Coleman, knows first-hand what it’s like being pushed to the limit! In Autumn 2010, he completed a grueling 12-mile outdoor obstacle course in Englishtown, New Jersey known as the “Tough Mudder”. He can be seen in the photograph above moments after clearing one of the obstacles, caked head to toe in mud courtesy of a claustrophobic, hands-and-knees scramble through narrow tubes (at right).

But the Tough Mudder isn’t restricted to a single venue… it’s a nationwide circuit that runs at various times throughout the year in myriad locations. And our fearless VP… no doubt a glutton for punishment… plans to tackle yet another Tough Mudder challenge on May 8, 2011. This time around, the run will “only” be 10 miles… a reasonable adjustment considering that the entire obstacle course will be nestled on the steep slopes of Vermont’s Mount Snow! Be sure to check back after the event for a nitty-gritty look at what it takes to be a true “tough mudder”.

You can learn more about the upcoming Tough Mudder event at Mount Snow by visiting Tough Mudder: New England. Or, you can browse our photo album of Coleman’s experience at the 2010 Tough Mudder in New Jersey.

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Photograph of Jordan Coleman at the Tough Mudder © 2011 J.G. Coleman Photography. View more photography by Trails of Freedom Chief Researcher, Justin Coleman, at J. G. Coleman Photography.