Quick Facts: Wildfire on the AT

Quick Facts: Wildfire on the AT

On May 9, 2011 a wildfire broke out near the Appalachian Trail just a few miles south of Bear Mountain in Salisbury, Connecticut. Within only about two days, the fire had been extinguished in a cooperative effort between fire departments from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Trails of Freedom Chief Researcher, Justin Coleman, visited the site of the fire damage to survey how much forest was lost, what the area looks like now, and convey an important message about conservation to all our fellow hikers and campers.

NOTE: In order to give everyone a better grasp on exactly where the fire broke out, we’ve cited the location as that of the Mt. Riga Shelter. However, investigations have revealed that the source of the fire may actually have been nearby Ball Brook campsite less than a half-mile away.


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