Quick Facts: Geocaching

Quick Facts: Geocaching

While Trails of Freedom was scouring the Meshomasic State Forest in 2010 trying to capture some footage of the Timber Rattlesnake, we accidentally stumbled upon a geocache hidden beneath an old stump. Since geocaches are usually cleverly concealed, it’s quite rare that anyone would randomly spot one… especially in the middle of a sizable forest. We decided that the time was right to introduce our viewers to this unique form of outdoor recreation!

Trails of Freedom staff members, Justin Coleman and Mary Campbell, have been fans of geocaching ever since some friends from Vermont introduced them to the activity in early 2010. “Geocaching is fun in it’s own right,” Coleman explains,” but there’s also the added bonus of being led to places that you might otherwise never have discovered, some of which may be only a few miles from where you live.”


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