Polar Plunge, CT

Polar Plunge, CT

Trails of Freedom was on the beaches of New Haven Harbor celebrating the  start of 2011 with style at the Polar Plunge!  The Polar Plunge for Parks offers a frighteningly refreshing way to welcome the New Year by  submerging one’s self into the frigid waters of Long Island Sound on January 1st.  Proceeds from the event, which is sponsored by the Elm  City Parks Conservancy and New Haven Land Trust, go towards supporting  New Haven’s parks, gardens, and environmental groups.  One of these  parks is the venue of the Polar Plunge, Lighthouse Point Park, where the  historic Five Mile Point Lighthouse silently watches New Englanders of  questionable sanity crash into the icy Sound year after year.

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  1. Ingrid Crocco 8 years ago

    Spectacular! Comprehensive coverage of the event. Got a real feel of the day. Keep up the good work!

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