Holy Himalayas

Holy Himalayas

You hear and read so much about the Himalayas, and then all of a sudden you are there, you are actually seeing it with your own eyes. All of the amazing stories of greatness, of survival; and then all of the horrible tragedies. It is all there, right in front of you, and you realize that you are gazing at history – it is very grounding, and very meaningful.”

The mighty Himalayas have long been revered by mountaineers and travelers alike, the bravest of whom attempt to conquer its peaks. The unique combination of both incredible beauty and danger is so captivating and so compelling, somehow making the risks worth the reward of being part of the landscape. From the window of her mountain plane, Ingrid also felt this same pull to learn more about them. “The Himalayas are holy to those who reside beneath them. They are a place of the gods, and a place where the heart and will of a person can truly be tested.”

To the people of the Himalayan range, these peaks truly are kept sacred. Many of these mountains’ summits, along with the one seen in the picture above, are off-limits to climbers. These are the home of the gods, and they are not to be disturbed.

Between Mount Everest, K2 and Annapurna, the Himalayas include some of the most notable expeditions in the world. These stories have only furthered our wonder and awe of this mountain range, in hopes to one day be able to experience them for ourselves.

About this Photograph
Trails of Freedom would like to thank Ingrid Crocco of West Haven, CT, for the above photo and interview. Ingrid was working in Nepal as part of a medical mission, and had the opportunity to fulfill her dream of flying amongst the Himalayas.