CT Video Hikes: Cathedral Pines Preserve

CT Video Hikes: Cathedral Pines Preserve

Cathedral Pines Preserve is 42-acre swath of woodlands in Cornwall, Connecticut which was covered in old-growth white pine and hemlock trees when it was originally granted to The Nature Conservancy in 1967. Yet little more than two decades after it was granted protection as conservation land, a series of tornadoes tore through the grove and leveled roughly 80% of the centuries-old forest. These days, The Nature Conservancy still maintains a short hiking trail that traverses the section of the forest which was spared from destruction.

We’re always working hard to bring our viewers a new perspective of fascinating hiking locations and our latest documentary is no exception. We visited Cathedral Pines Preserve in both the dead of winter, when everything was buried beneath a thick layer of snow, as well as the warmer months when moss and ferns blanketed the forest floor. After nearly a year in the making, Trails of Freedom is proud to invite to you along on a journey through one of the most of unique nature preserves in Northwestern Connecticut.


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