About Us

Welcome to Trails of Freedom

Trails of Freedom LLC exists as an online resource and trail database for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Through our video documentaries, photography, articles, and future publications, our company seeks to bring the excitement of the outdoors to everyone while emphasizing the importance of preserving the natural treasures that we so deeply appreciate.  Not only do we include our own personal experiences from the trails we have traveled, we also provide an in-depth look at the history, ecology, geology and other interesting aspects of our hikes.

We are committed to educating and inspiring people to enjoy life on the trails by documenting and sharing our hiking experiences with others. It is our vision to motivate people to enjoy and better understand the environment so they will have a vested and active interest in protecting it.

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Our History

Trails of Freedom began when Leigh Anne Mayberry and three of her friends decided to hike and camp their way across the island of Maui. Somewhere between hiking along volcanic crater floors and leaping off of waterfalls, they discovered a passion for the outdoors, and that became the foundation for Trails of Freedom.

On a vacation back to Connecticut, Leigh Anne teamed up with her friend Jordan and took a week-long trip up to Maine. This would be their first real introduction into filming outdoor documentaries. Standing atop the summit of Mount Katahdin, Jordan understood that same need and want for outdoor adventure, and from that moment on he was hooked.

It was only a short time after that Jordan’s brother Justin and his girlfriend Mary had been introduced to the group. Having seen the videos from Maine, they were excited to share their own expertise and experiences with others as well. This pairing would complete what is now the core of Trails of Freedom.