Mary Coleman

Mary Coleman

Event Coordinator

Trails of Freedom’s Event Coordinator, Mary Campbell, manages the planning, scheduling, and implementation of the organization’s events and activities.

Mary grew up in Hebron, Connecticut and “for those who haven’t heard of this small town,” she explains,” all you have to know is that it only has two stoplights. Just two.” That meant that Mary was surrounded by nature as a child and grew up playing in the woods and stream of her backyard. Gay City State Park was one of the only places within walking distance, so she spent a good deal of time there exploring the trails and catching tadpoles and frogs.

Professionally, Mary has accrued an extensive background in customer relations, owing to her knack for interpersonal communication, inherent desire to help others, and assiduous attention to planning and coordination. While fulfilling her responsibilities as our Event Coordinator, Mary is concurrently working towards a certification in Therapeutic Recreation that will enable her to put her skills to use in enriching the lives of those struck with dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, Mary has dedicated a good deal of her time to participating in fund-raising for others that are afflicted. Her written contributions to our website regularly focus upon unique approaches to hiking for individuals with a disability.