Avi Duckor-Jones

Avi Duckor-Jones


From an early age it became apparent I was a child of the land. My Mum often tells a story of when I was five or six and we were on a family hike up in the bush behind our house in Wellington, New Zealand. I tripped on a raised root and went tumbling down the clay bank to a stream twenty feet below. My family slid down after me, fearing broken bones and a concussion. Instead they found a scraped up little boy beaming because he had found a slide. And so it has continued. I have always looked to the bush, the sea and the mountains for my entertainment.

I have been lucky enough to have lived and traveled in many places where nature’s entertainment was readily available to me. Growing up in New Zealand was simply a vast playground. Traveling to Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Samoa and Australia only fed the appetite.

In my teens I discovered surfing largely thanks to my Dad who had taken us on boogie boarding trips during our summers. We travelled around New Zealand to Gisborne, Mount Maunganui, Ohope and the Wairarapa in the great search for waves. This, I realized, was exactly what I had been looking for. It seemed amazing to me that all I needed was a board and the rest was up to the ocean. Often when I say this, I realize how “morning of the Earth” it sounds, but I am making no apologies: It is the most natural and fantastic thing to use what is already here. Just as I had discovered the “slide” I have endeavoured to keep discovering new ways to enjoy what is here without destroying it.

I have recently been admitted to the bar as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and have many hobbies and skills in different areas. The area in which I now choose to pursue is travel and writing. There is no better way to grow than to push yourself in all areas of life and no better way to pass on what you have learned than to write about it. I hope you enjoy my stories.